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MFD Health point - Dzirnavu 70 offers qualitative therapeutic massage carried out by certified masseur.


We offer different massages:

  • Back massage;
  • General body massage;
  • Neck zone massage; 
  • Back lumbosacral massage;
  • Hand and shoulder massage;
  • Leg and foot massage;
  • Head and face massage.


Classical therapeutic massage is reliable rehabilitation and treatment efficiency improvement method, which doctors choose to apply to the following indications:

  • hypertonic, painful musculature, especially in the lumbar and neck-shoulder-back of the head zones;
  • painfully strained periarticular musculature, mainly hip and shoulder joint osteoarthritis with severe iliolumbar pain syndrome;
  • muscle hypotonia;
  • digestive disorders;
  • in psychosomatic illnesses, massage serves as additional relaxation therapy;
  • for athletes for relaxing muscles and quicker recovery.


Thanks to the effectiveness of the massage, improves the general feeling and mood, decreases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and metabolism, are favorably affected the skin's condition and the immune system. Overall body recovery enhances your vitality and improves your ability to work!