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MFD Health point - Riga Plaza offers qualitative therapeutic massage carried out by certified masseur.


We offer different massages:

  • Back massage;
  • General body massage;
  • Neck zone massage; 
  • Back lumbosacral massage;
  • Hand and shoulder massage;
  • Leg and foot massage;
  • Head and face massage;
  • Reflex foot massage


Classical therapeutic massage is reliable rehabilitation and treatment efficiency improvement method, which doctors choose to apply to the following indications:

  • hypertonic, painful musculature, especially in the lumbar and neck-shoulder-back of the head zones;
  • painfully strained periarticular musculature, mainly hip and shoulder joint osteoarthritis with severe iliolumbar pain syndrome;
  • muscle hypotonia;
  • digestive disorders;
  • in psychosomatic illnesses, massage serves as additional relaxation therapy;
  • for athletes for relaxing muscles and quicker recovery.


Gua Sha back massage:

  • The massage is performed using a special technique using a special tool resembling a scraper or comb;
  • With the help of the tool, scratching movements are performed that are directed only in one direction;
  • First, the treated area turns pink, then there is a slight burning sensation, small bruises may appear that are not painful;
  • Bruises indicate that toxins are removed from the body, they disappear after 2-3 days;
  • The more pronounced the pathological process, the stronger the hemorrhages during massage, the faster they appear and the faster they disappear;

  • Massage is not recommended in the following cases: skin lesions and purulent inflammation of the skin, acute trauma, fractures, bleeding tendency, neoplasms, pregnancy and menstruation;

  • The effect of the procedure is felt immediately after the procedure.


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