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Our clinic specialists offer professional teeth whitening. It will be safe and effective because the result of whitening under the supervision of a doctor is visible immediately. Our doctors will use a product that is suitable and valid for your teeth and gums. In this process, it is important to use the right type of bleach and its concentration. As well as a special kappa for whitening your teeth. A non-standard (non-customized) kappa can damage the gums or seals, it can cause a vomiting reflex, or even suffocation.


Any whitening is based on oxidation processes caused by the action of oxygen on the dental tissue, but the flow of heat and light (polymerization lamps, lasers) activates this reaction. The duration of the procedure depends on this effect. Finding a product that would guarantee a great smile in a very short time has never been easy. Nowadays, teeth whitening kits can also be purchased in a supermarket and used at home on your own, but it should not be forgotten that teeth whitening without specialist supervision at home can cause various complications. Many studies show that these preparations may contain substances that damage the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth and can be dangerous if swallowed.


Teeth whitening can be done with the help of special toothpaste and special whitening methods at home. Most whitening toothpastes have a very high abrasion and make the teeth whiter, effectively removing plaque, but these toothpastes cannot change the color of tooth enamel. It should be remembered that long-term use of whitening toothpastes increases tooth sensitivity and tooth enamel wear.


Snow white and an open smile are especially important. Today, beautiful, white teeth are not only a sign of good health, but also a symbol of well-being. A white, flat row of teeth gives a person confidence in himself. However, the natural color of tooth enamel is very often not white. In addition, the use of tea, coffee and red wine and smoking adversely affect tooth color. Modern teeth whitening methods will help you regain teeth whitening.


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