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Teeth whitening in the dental office

Teeth are the business card of a person. During life, the color of the teeth becomes darker, which determines our habits. Foods such as wine, coffee, dark berries are absorbed into the pores of the teeth and over time the teeth remain darker. Smoking is particularly detrimental to the color of your teeth.


About the procedure

A whitening gel containing hydrogen acid is applied to the patient's teeth and the teeth are illuminated with a heliolamp. Under the influence of light, oxygen is released from the gel, which is absorbed into the dentin of the tooth and decomposes the dark pigmentation.

Teeth whitening does not spoil your teeth!



Teeth whitening is only allowed in a healthy oral cavity and dental hygiene is necessary before that, so visit a hygienist before planning teeth whitening.


After the procedure

After teeth whitening, it is possible that your teeth will be sensitive, so you will need to use products for sensitive teeth. Teeth sensitivity goes away.



It is not possible to whiten dental implants or fillings as fillings and implants match the color of your teeth. Teeth whitening does not spoil fillings and implants, but the only way to combine them with a new tooth color is to replace them.



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