Aligners - teeth straightening without braces

Date added: 18 03 2021

A perfect smile sometimes seems like an unattainable goal - nature has not endowed everyone with even, beautiful teeth. The bite can be corrected with braces, but often adults hesitate to use this method, considering it long, unaesthetic and uncomfortable.

MFD dentists help you find a beautiful smile even in the most difficult cases. We offer an innovative method of treatment - teeth straightening with aligners. Tooth aligners are transparent aligners, almost invisible and very easy to use.

Aligners exert constant pressure on the dentition, taking into account the micromobility of the teeth. The patient changes the aligners every 2 weeks, each time a tighter aligner from the kit is used, which ensures a gradual alignment of the teeth. At each stage, only certain teeth are moved according to the treatment plan.

It is necessary to wear trays for at least 20-22 hours a day, taking them off only during meals and during hygienic care.

Aligners can solve the following problems:

- wide interdental spaces;

- crowding of teeth, their wrong position in a row;

- tilting, rotating teeth;

- abnormal forms of dentition;

- the need to prepare a place on the jaw for prosthetics.

Benefits of treatment with aligners:

  • They are invisible on the teeth and are invisible to others.
  • There are no dietary restrictions. You just take them off while eating, and then put them back on.
  • Does not complicate oral hygiene. You can easily remove them while brushing your teeth Faster and more predictable treatment. With the help of a special mechanics of action, the movement of teeth is faster than with treatment with a bracket system.
  • Short term of adaptation to the product.
  • You will not need to visit the doctor often, as you will be given several sets of mouth guards at once, which you can change at home on your own.
  • Aligners are made of hypoallergenic material, so even pregnant women can wear them.
  • The treatment is very comfortable and does not irritate the gums.

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