PRF method

Date added: 09 04 2021

MFD At MFD Dentistry we use the PRF method

PRF is a cell-rich blood concentrate that is completely natural, derived from the patient's blood and does not cause any side effects. In dentistry, PRF treatment has been carried out since 2001, in Latvia since 2014. Currently, two types of treatment are used in dentistry - injection and membrane.

  • PRF injections thicken the gums, help close the exposed necks of the teeth (regenerated gums), thereby reducing or completely eliminating tooth sensitivity. The tissues around the teeth and the roots of the teeth (periodontium) are also processed, the depth of the gum pockets is reduced and the bone tissue around them is strengthened. Successful results are also achieved in more difficult situations, for example, in the presence of problems with the temporomandibular joint, as well as in the treatment of peri-implantitis, or inflammation around the dental implant.
  • The second method of treatment: PRF - membranes. This procedure uses the patient's own blood, which is centrifuged to produce a dense membrane containing valuable blood cells, growth factors and healing factors. Membranes are applied to the patient's wound, which significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and speeds up the healing process. Filling the extracted tooth area with a PRF membrane promotes bone growth and gum regeneration, which greatly facilitates subsequent prosthetics. The healing process is much faster, less painful, practically eliminates the risk of complications - pain, edema. PRF membranes are successfully used in operations for the regeneration of bones and soft tissues (sinus lifting, regeneration of bones or gums).

Membranes are used:

  • for covering open roots, on sensitive necks of teeth;
  • regeneration of bones;
  • after tooth extraction;
  • lifting of the base of the hemorrhagic cavity;
  • for processing gum pockets;
  • to reduce the sensitivity of the teeth;
  • after surgical procedures.

We carry out the procedures at the MFD Dentistry "Astradent" and at the Dentistry "Pardaugava"


Price - 126 euros

In March and April, a 10% discount on the procedure.

Stomatology cabinet „Dziednieciba”

Rusonu Street 15, Riga (Kengarags)

 67 13 41 54

 20 20 34 09


Rīga, Vienības gatve 109, LV-1058, Latvija
 67 13 13 16
pardaugava AT mfd DOT lv

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