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Analyses for fee

Due to the epidemiological situation, it is not possible to pay with cash at the Covid-19 analysis acceptance point if it is necessary to make a payment with card or by bank transfer.

Payment details:

SIA “Dziedniecība”

Reg. No. LV 40003074548

AS SEB banka code UNLALV2X

Account - LV48UNLA0002060467054

Purpose of payment: Covid-19 test, Name, Surname, personal identification code

It is necessary to arrive at the specified time to perform test in order to reduce the possibility of contact with other others.

When coming to the investigation, you must bring:

1. Identity document

2. Printout of the payment order confirming the payment

To limit the spread of Covid-19 infectious diseases, it is necessary to come with a face mask, as well as maintain a distance of 2 meters.