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Children dentistry

Our youngest patients are awaited by knowledgeable children's doctors who will do oral hygiene, diagnose and, if necessary, heal damaged teeth, advise on the formation of a correct bite. The tooth fairy of our clinic will make sure that all the teeth that do not want to fall out themselves fall into the hands of experienced doctors.


Our dental clinic invites little patients and their parents for regular preventive examinations. Pediatric dentists remind: proper oral hygiene and the basics of prevention of diseases of the oral cavity must be taught from an early age! Our doctors will help teach your child to visit the dentist calmly, without fear. Negative attitudes towards dentistry that lead to inadequate care of teeth and gums should be a thing of the past. Our children, the new generation, will have to live in a civilized world, where a visit to a dentist is as useful and pleasant as a visit to a beauty salon!


In the arsenal of modern pediatric dentistry there is a number of techniques that allow you to quickly and painlessly diagnose and treat. The best method of preventing dental diseases is clinical examination of children, that is, visiting the dentist once every six months, for some children at risk - more often. Often, parents consider it unnecessary to brush their baby teeth, as "they will fall out anyway." But it must be remembered that bad teeth not only cause a lot of trouble for the baby, but are also a hotbed of infections in the body, which weaken its defenses, since microbes produce toxins, and the child's body has increased absorption and there is a danger of significant intoxication. If milk teeth are not treated, this can lead to premature extraction of milk teeth, death of the rudiments of permanent teeth, impaired growth and development of the jaws, delay in the eruption of permanent teeth.


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