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Total body Magnetic Resonance

MFD Outpatient hospital “Dziedniecība” offers to take total body Magnetic Resonance (MR Total body).

What is it?

Total body Magnetic Resonance imaging is a modern visual diagnostic examination that assesses the overall condition of the patient's body. Ionizing radiation is not used during the investigation.

In total body Magnetic Resonance screening evaluates:

  • The brain and entire length of the spine.
  • Musculoskeletal system - large joints (shoulders, hips, knees and feet), soft tissues and muscles.
  • Thoracic, abdominal cavities, and small pelvis - evaluates mediastinal, armpit, abdominal cavity and pelvic organs, lymph nodes.


During the examination, an intravenous contrast agent is not used.

If any pathology is found, the patient is recommended to conduct an additional examination of this area, to evaluate the changes in detail.

This examination may be carried out by the patient after his or her own election in order to check his or her health, or by a specialist doctor.


Who is the subject of the investigation?

  • People who want to evaluate their health in a short time.
  • patients with oncological disease to assess the exact stage of the disease, the extent of the process, the effectiveness of treatment, and control of the course of the disease;
  • People with cancer phobia - fear of cancer.


How an examination is going?

Investigates the whole body - from head to toe. The investigation may take up to 3.5 hours.

It is divided into several stages, between which the patient can get up and move a little to feel comfortable.

In order to get the best quality images, the patient should sleep calmly during the examination.

The patient can receive the results of the investigation immediately after the examination in DVD format.

The acquired images are evaluated by a radiologist-diagnosis and the description of the examination can be received in person or by e-mail within 15 working days.

Magnetic resonance imaging should not be performed on people with cardiac pacemakers, neurostimulants, various metal (except titanium) implants, or individual metal foreign bodies such as internal ear implants, artificial valves, etc., and pregnant women.



Whole body magnetic resonance imaging

700.00 EUR

Total body Magnetic Resonance screening performs:

  • MFD Outpatient hospital “Iļģuciems”, Buļļu street 9, phone number 67131311
  • MFD Outpatient hospital “Pārdaugava”, Vienības gatve 109, phone number 67131316
  • MFD Outpatient hospital “Dziedniecība”, Rušonu street 15, phone number 67131313

Saskaņā ar Ukrainas civiliedzīvotāju atbalsta likuma 16.panta otro daļu, SIA “Dziedniecība” nodarbinātām Ukrainas ārstniecības personām tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības personas profesionālās darbības veikšanai nepieciešamā saziņa, proti – pēc pacienta pieprasījuma, kā arī vienojoties ar pacientu, pakalpojuma saņemšanas laikā tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības persona, kura var nodrošināt saziņu valsts valodā.