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Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D

Normal values: 30-100 ng / mL

Optimal concentration: 36-40 ng / mL


Vitamin D (25OH) deficiency poses several health risks: heart disease, bone fractures, depression, cancer, and more.

Our body is able to produce vitamin D, but only on condition that the skin shines directly from the sun's rays. If sunlight-protected cream is applied on the skin, vitamin D is not produced in sufficient quantities in the body. A reduced capacity to naturally develop vitamin D for the elderly people.

IMPORTANT: Tanning beds do not stimulate vitamin D production.


Vitamins accumulated during the summer are declining relatively quickly, and lack of vitamins may already have an effect on health in October. Vitamin D intake with everyday foods is limited – only around 10%. Vitamin D levels should be at least 1 x per year. The duration of treatment and the medicine to be used (food supplement) should be agreed with your doctor.

Recommendation. After or during treatment, vitamin D levels should be re-measured to ensure that the chosen treatment is effective.








The vegetarian and vegan diet is becoming more and more popular not only all over the world but also in Latvia. However, when choosing such a lifestyle, several conditions must be taken into account, both to properly plan the menu and to take in sufficient quantities of nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body; precisely for this reason, if "you are a vegetarian, vegan or just rarely eat animal products, it is recommended to check whether the body has sufficient vitamins and minerals regularly."

MFD Laboratory examination complex for vegans and vegetarians:

  • Full blood scene
  • Total protein
  • Albumin
  • Total cholesterol
  • Ferritin
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D total
  • Calcium


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