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Vaccination for travellers


Increasingly, residents of Latvia choose to travel to other countries, including exotic ones, in which not only climatic conditions differ, but also diseases that do not occur in our country.

  The MFD Vaccination Service recommends that you use the opportunity to consult with our infectious disease specialists before travelling, so that you can find out the possible risks and objectively evaluate the vaccinations.

  Most of the diseases that are typical for exotic places can cause serious consequences or even be fatal, so take care of your health and safety before going on a trip!


Before travelling, we recommend:

  • Schedule a consultation with a defectologist in time (at least 4-6 weeks before departure) to get professional advice on preventive measures and means (vaccinations, medications, repellents (mosquito repellents), etc.). The question of the need for measures and means of prevention should be resolved individually, depending on the state of health, the route and duration of the trip, the envisaged living conditions and activities during the trip and other factors.
  • Check previous routine vaccinations that are provided for in the vaccination schedule for yourself and your child (including periodic vaccinations for adults against diphtheria and tetanus) and, if necessary, get vaccinated.

  • Also discuss the usefulness of other vaccinations with the infectious disease specialist according to the anticipated risks associated with the itinerary and conditions during the trip, according to the type of life, activity and existing health problems.

Possible vaccines for travellers:

- vaccination against yellow fever - yellow fever is recorded in some parts of the world, therefore vaccination recommendations should be followed in these areas;

- vaccination against hepatitis A - compared to the European Union in Brazil, the risk of infection with hepatitis is increased, therefore vaccination is recommended;

- Vaccination against abdominal typhoid - recommended if there is a risk of using unsafe or insufficient food or unsafe or poor quality drinking water;

- vaccination against rabies - rabies is common in Brazil and therefore contact with abandoned dogs and cats should be avoided. Talk to your doctor about the need for rabies vaccination after an animal bite and consider getting a rabies vaccination before travelling if you are planning to stay in the country for more than a month and if you can interact with animals, for example, hiking in nature, visiting rural areas;

- vaccination against hepatitis B - if there is a high risk of injury or other health risks that may be associated with the need for injections, surgery, dental procedures, etc. Please note that there are combination vaccines against hepatitis A and hepatitis B;

- you need to think about vaccination against the flu - because in tropical climates, isolated cases of influenza are recorded throughout the year, without obvious seasonal elevations of diseases, as in countries with temperate climates.

- prevention of malaria - consult your doctor about antimalarial drugs. Antimalarial drugs are used prophylactically before travel to malaria-affected areas, during and after travel:

- other medicines - consult your doctor about medicines for diarrhoea and any other medicines you may need during your trip depending on your health condition and the region you are visiting.

For the availability of specific vaccines, please contact with the

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