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Veloergometry is your EKG in the face of physical pressure. A special bicycle-veloergometry. The method allows to determine the response of the cardiovascular system to the physical strain of the organism to stress endurance, identify myocardial ischemia episodes, including without pain. Methodology used to diagnose CHD (coronary heart disease), the definition of tactics and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.

MFD Outpatient hospital ''Pardaugava''

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Ilona Hvoscinska


MFD Outpatient hospital ''Ilguciems''

  • Emma Sokolova

Outpatient hospital "Mozums-1"

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Jana Paeglite


MFD Cardiocenter

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Ilona Hvoscinska

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