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MFD Laboratory is accredited laboratory that performs clinical chemistry, hematology, immunohematology, immunology, cytology, histology and various types of clinical tests, using internationally recognized methods and reagents that are officially certified and registered in accordance with the existing legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Laboratory activities are organized and managed in accordance with the CM Regulations No. 60 "Regulations on obligatory requirements for medical institutions and their departments" (ISO 15189 standard).


  • The laboratory continually improves technology, introduces new methods, acquires modern equipment, participates in inter-laboratory comparative quality control programs, contributes to staff training and skill development to improve and enhance the quality of laboratory services.
  • All analyzers are integrated into the laboratory information system that provides fast and accurate transmission of results to clients, so that all the laboratory results are available to doctors during the consultation.
  • The main direction of laboratory quality policy is to satisfy laboratory clients by providing high-quality laboratory services and providing clients with clinically valuable information. All laboratory workers have the task and duty of honor to create all the possible preconditions for a policy implementation and goal realization and promote the related issues.
  • Laboratory staff is aware that medical workers must take a much broader responsibilities than required by the law and establish a reputation of the profession, ensuring patient interests. All patient information is confidential, samples and results of the examinations is the patient's ownership.


In the branches of the MFD Healthcare group, 

we perform a nasopharyngeal smear sampling test, with the help of which it is possible to detect infection with Covid-19 infection. It is necessary to call by phone 66164601.



The laboratory provides their clients' information confidentiality and by clients’ request offers to take all the tests completely ANONYMOUSLY!


The laboratory has a wide branch network and laboratory courier service that provides examination material transportation to the laboratory.

In case of any questions or concerns before performing laboratory examinations please consult doctor or call the MFD Laboratory: 

67 13 41 40

25 43 13 12

 LATAK Akreditācijas apliecība LVS EN ISO 15189_2013


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