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Low Dose CT

Low dose CT lung screening is more sensitive in the detection of lung nodules than the chest radiography, and there is benefit to do screening with CT comparing to conversional plain chest radiography. A Low dose CT examination delivers a radiation dose approximately 10 times lower than using a routine CT examination.

Radiologists  use CAD system which helps the radiologist in early lung cancer detection. All results are passed to the pneumonologist, who makes a lung functional test (spirography), which helps to understand breathing capacity. After analysing all reports and in case of founding suspicious formation, pneumonologist consults a patient about the next steps to receive medical help. If the patient’s lung examination reports are without any suspicious formations, pneumonologist advices the patient how to stay protected from lung cancer and other lung diseases.

Special offer

MFD offers new package for early lung cancer detection.

Package includes:

  • Diagnostic examination with Low Dose Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Computer Aided Detection (CAD) usage
  • Radiologist report
  • Lung Functional test
  • Pneumonologist consultation

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