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Outpatient hospital "Mozums-1"

  1. Outpatient hospital provides an automatic wheelchair lift, from the entrance to the 2nd floor.
  2. The wheelchair lift operates both from the entrance to the outpatient hospital and the 2nd floor staircase.
  3. The wheelchair lift has instructions for use.
  4. Patients move on to other floors by elevator.
  5. Toilets for persons with functional disorders are available on the building floors 3 and 5. 

  1. SIA „Možums-1” location of the specialists and family doctors practice cabinets on Bruninieku Street 8, Riga, is visible on the big info board.
  2. If you need a wheelchair or your wheelchair dimensions are larger than the elevator door, please call: 67273435, 20369733, 26623251.
  3. All rooms have environmental availability and availability of services for people with special needs and disabilities.
  4. Reception staff and family doctors practice staff helps persons with disabilities to enter the building and move around the premises.
  5. In order to obtain additional information on the possibility of receiving health care services and to provide more convenient and timely access to health care for persons with functional disorders, it is possible to prior sign up to the healthcare service by phone: 67273435, 20369733, 26623251 or send an application electronically to e-mail: mozums AT mfd DOT lv.
  6. Health care services for persons with hearing impairments are provided, using a visual information and, if necessary, correspondence.
  7. Health care services for persons with visual disabilities are provided, if necessary, with the involvement of staff, for providing convenient mobility and other kind of support.
  8. Health care services for persons with mental disorders are provided in easily understandable language and, if necessary, using pictograms (symbol system).
  9. More information on the possibility for persons with functional disorders to receive health care services in the institution and in the Doctors’ practices can be obtained by phone: 67273435, 20369733, 26623251.

Saskaņā ar Ukrainas civiliedzīvotāju atbalsta likuma 16.panta otro daļu, SIA “Dziedniecība” nodarbinātām Ukrainas ārstniecības personām tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības personas profesionālās darbības veikšanai nepieciešamā saziņa, proti – pēc pacienta pieprasījuma, kā arī vienojoties ar pacientu, pakalpojuma saņemšanas laikā tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības persona, kura var nodrošināt saziņu valsts valodā.