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Baby handling

In the first months, the baby develops as fast as ever in his later life. That is why it is important for mom, dad and other family members to know how to support the baby's first achievements and take care of him.


Handling (from English) is a method that teaches how to properly hold and operate a baby. It is the parents' own work and touches for their child from the first days of life. Properly holding, lifting, comforting and carrying your baby's hands can help him realize and tidy up his body, ensuring symmetrical and full development in the long run. Classes provide practical advice on how to deal with an infant, on developmental toys and games at certain ages.


Application of methods in activating children and adults

Individual parental training for the Handling method (30 min.)


Individual parental training for the Handling method 1 hour


Parent training in a group Handling method 1 hour