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At the moment simple gynecological surgeries are performed in the MFD Day hospital by highly qualified professionals with broad experience in operational work: Dr.Ligita Neimane, Dr.Rita Kukule, Dr.Marina Ignatenko, Dr.Ludmila Minuhina, Dr.Olga Komova 


An operating surgeon, proctologist, oncologist Michael Ažipa operates hemorrhoids, polyps, etc.


Other simple surgeries will be available soon. Operations are carried out also on Saturdays.



Gynecological manipulations:

  • The uterine cavity sample abrasion
  • Legal abortion up to 8 weeks of gestation (vacuum method, referral of a doctor is required)
  • The removal of cervical canal polyps in uterine cavity by abrasion
  • The conization of cervical
  • Surgeries of external genitals
  • Removing / inserting of spiral instrumentally (with anesthesia)

Paid surgeries are as follows:

  • The excision of benign skin and subcutaneous formations (complete removal of the object), ablation (removal of tissue sections), biopsy of superficial tissue (investigation of excised tissues)
  • The ablation (removal) or trepanation (opening) of hand or toe nail
  • The ablation of ingrown nail with the resection (excision) of nail root
  • Incisions (small cuts)
  • Excision
  • The surgery of umbilical hernia
  • The surgery of inguinal hernia
  • The surgery of postoperative hernia
  • The surgery of epigastric hernia
  • Excision of lipomas (benign tumors in the subcutaneous adipose tissue)
  • Conventional hemorrhoid surgery
  • Operations of anal fissures (tears), polyps, warts, sinus pilonidalis (cysts)
  • Conventional vein surgery

Saskaņā ar Ukrainas civiliedzīvotāju atbalsta likuma 16.panta otro daļu, SIA “Dziedniecība” nodarbinātām Ukrainas ārstniecības personām tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības personas profesionālās darbības veikšanai nepieciešamā saziņa, proti – pēc pacienta pieprasījuma, kā arī vienojoties ar pacientu, pakalpojuma saņemšanas laikā tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības persona, kura var nodrošināt saziņu valsts valodā.