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Our team

„Novadent” Burtnieku Street 33
Dentist Anna Vainovska
Dentist Sergejs Baidikovs
Dentist Valija Līvēna
Dental hygienists Jekaterina Klave
Administrator Jekaterina Berge

„Novadent” Stabu Street 52
Dentist Andrejs Mošaks
Dentist Anna Mošaka
Dentist Viktorija Jerina
Dental nurse Tatjana Prokina
Dental hygienist Viktorija Zagorska
Administrator Jeļena Aleksejenoka
Administrator Olga Ponomarjova

„Novadent” S.Ezensteina Street 23
Dentist Jelena Sinavska
Dentist Anastasija Jakovļeva
Dental hygienists Viktorija Zagorska
Dental nurse

Natlija Frolova


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