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How to properly prepare for a day hospital


When visiting a day hospital, certain conditions must be observed:

  • First need to agree with the attending physician the date and time of the operation.
  • After arriving at the MFD Outpatient hospital "Ilguciems", you will be met and taken to the day hospital, where you will be shown a ward and a bed.
  • For paperwork, you need an identity document, as well as a referral from a doctor.
  • Take with you all existing medical documents - extracts, research results, as well as medicines that you regularly take at home.
  • An operation will be performed after a doctor's examination.


It must be remembered that:

  • To receive the necessary treatment, research or surgery, you need to stay in the day hospital for as long as the attending physician prescribes for you.
  • You need to dress so that it is comfortable for you, you need to take personal hygiene items, changeable shoes, a bathrobe with you.
  • Jewelry and other important personal items please left at home.



If surgery is planned under general anesthesia:

  • In the morning, before the operation, anesthesia is done on an empty stomach - you can't drink nor eat !!! On the previous day before the operation, a light dinner is desirable no later than 20:00.
  • Do not smoke for 12 hours before the operation, drink alcohol for 24 hours.

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