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Kinesiological tape is used for taping - a single-sided adhesive tape of natural material, which is glued to the skin.

The therapeutic effect is achieved by using the elastic properties of the tape and choosing the application technique. The tape does not contain drugs, it is hypoallergenic, so if necessary, this method can also be used for infants, children and pregnant women.

Tape does not cause any side effects, however, if the skin is very sensitive, redness or itching may occur in rare cases. In this case, the tape must be removed immediately.

The tape adapts to the skin, is thin enough and breathes, does not interfere with shower and water activities, does not create restrictions on movement. Properly applied tape works immediately and continues to work 24 hours a day for about a week. If necessary, the tape is then renewed.

Mostly, taping helps to regenerate the muscles, but that's not all. This method can work in several ways, such as:

  • preventing congestion in the bloodstream and lymph flow,
  • relieves pain of various origins,
  • reduces swelling
  • adjusts posture,
  • supports the joints in several ways - by correcting movement, stabilizing,
  • pregnant women with abdominal support and in cases of back pain,
  • scar reduction.

Price - 8 eur

Teipošana (1 zona) (bez teipas izmaksas)


Teipošana (1 zona) (bez teipas izmaksas)



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