COVID-19 test
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COVID-19 test

In the branches of the MFD Healthcare group, 

we perform a nasopharyngeal smear sampling test, with the help of which it is possible to detect infection with Covid-19 infection. It is necessary to call by phone 66164601. We perform the test in the following branches:

  • Riga:

    • Rušonu Street 15;
    • Buļļu Street 9;
    • Saharova Street 2
    • Brīvības Steet 75 (Dailes teātris);
    • Dižozolu Street 65;
    • Kurzemes prospekts 1a (T/C "Damme");

The test for Covid-19 is carried out only after an appointment by phone 66164601.

The analyzed material is a swab from the nasopharynx (taken from the throat and nose)


Free service - Covid-19 (NVD) test:

  • • by referral from a doctor, doctor's practice or medical institution, according to clinical indications (applying for a laboratory test by phone at 66164601);

    • in cases of epidemiological indications;

    • without a referral from a doctor, doctor's practice or medical institution in case of clinical indications;

    • for routine screening purposes

    • until 01.09.2021. patients under 18 years of age


Paid service - Covid-19 test - € 40.00:

  • at the initiative of the patient (in case of travel, business trip)
  • at the request of the employer (in the absence of a referral from a family doctor
  • non-residents without symptoms


The test can be paid for by credit card on the spot at the MFD mobile test point or at any branch of the MFD Healthcare group (during working hours).

In case of travel, it is additionally necessary to purchase a Certificate for Safe Travel (19.00 euros),



The full list and criteria of services paid for with State funds can be viewed on the SPKC website:


Additional Information:

  • if you have symptoms of a disease or quarantine, you must come to the MFD mobile test point by foot or by personal transport.
  • it is imperative to wear a mask and observe all precautions; a distance of 2 m must be maintained between patients
  • when passing the analysis, you must present an identity document
  • the validity of the test result is counted from the TIME OF PASSING THE TEST, the test results are provided within a maximum of 24 hours.


!!! The laboratory proposes to conduct a test for Covid-19 infection for the team in the enterprise, having previously agreed on a convenient place and time for you. Departure price 100 EUR (contact us by phone - 26388668)