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Information for persons with disabilities

  1.  At the MFD Doctor’s office “Saharova 20a”, which is located in Riga, Prūšu street 13, the location of the cabinets is shown on the information board.
  2. All rooms have environmental availability and availability of services for people with special needs and disabilities.
  3. Reception staff and Doctor’s office staff helps persons with disabilities to enter the building and move around the premises.
  4. In order to inform staff and insure a more convenient and timely receipt of health care for persons with disabilities, it’s possible to apply in advance for health care services by phone: 66102066 or by e-mail prusu AT mfd DOT lv 
  5. Health care services for persons with hearing impairments are provided, using a visual information and, if necessary, correspondence.
  6. Health care services for persons with visual disabilities are provided, if necessary, with the involvement of staff, for providing convenient mobility and other kind of support.
  7. Health care services for persons with mental disorders are provided in easily understandable language and, if necessary, using pictograms (symbol system).
  8. Additional information on the possibility for persons with special needs and disabilities get healthcare services in the outpatient hospital may be obtained by phone: 66102066.
  9. The nearest Outpatient hospital  where it is possible to receive health care services for persons with functional disorders is:
  • MFD Outpatient hospital “Dziedneicība", Rušonu Street 15 (67131313).