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Timely and regular visits to the dentist will ensure that you are not at risk of serious oral disease and that all teeth that will be diagnosed in time will be cured. The doctors of our clinic will fill the diseased teeth using the best composite materials, the composition of which is as close as possible to the elasticity and hardness of tooth enamel. These fillings are fixed in the tooth with the help of a special adhesive - adhesive, which ensures its maximum adhesion to the tooth and increases the service life of the filling. Most of these material fillings contain fluoride, which also strengthens tooth enamel. Each of these materials is available in a wide range of colors so that the color of the filling can be matched to the color of the tooth. This is especially important when anterior teeth are filled.


In cases, even if your tooth is very damaged, restoration of teeth is possible using light composite materials. Restoration is an alternative to prosthetics, which can also be performed on crowns, including metal-ceramic crowns. The main advantage of their use is the preservation of healthy parts of the teeth and the reduction of the duration of treatment. Metal or glass ionomer pins are used in the treatment process, which will be fixed in the dental canals.


Significant attention is paid to the prevention of dental diseases in our clinic, which means timely informing the patient about possible diseases, as a recommendation to visit a hygienist regularly who will perform plaque removal with ultrasound and tooth polishing with special pastes that will make your teeth look clean and gums.


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