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Doppler echocardiography is a procedure which uses ultrasound technology to examine the heart. An echocardiogram uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of the heart while the use of doppler technology allows determination the speed and direction of blood flow by utilizing the doppler effect.


MFD Outpatient hospital «Pardaugava»

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Viktorija Skuja
  • Vita Saripo 
  • Vitalijs Grebjonkins 


MFD Outpatient hospital «Ilguciems»

  • Vladimirs Lavrentjevs
  • Viktorija Skuja
  • Olegs Orlovs


MFD Outpatient hospital «Dziednieciba»

  • Alla Capule


Outpatient hospital «Mozums-1»

  • Ieva Silina
  • Agnese Krallisa
  • Varis Paeglitis


MFD Cardiocenter

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Vineta Brice
  • Jelena Jakovleva


MFD Doctors' Office «Mezciems»

  • Olegs Orlovs
  • Agnese Krallisa


MFD functional and visual diagnostics cabinet, Riga, F. Sadovnikova Str. 20,


  • Irena Vita Mazarkevica


MFD Echocardiography cabinet, Ogre, Grivas prospekts 29


  • Vineta Brice

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