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In the modern world, you can find and familiarize yourself with a large amount of information about the waiting time of a baby. Therefore, we want to introduce you to Jan - she is an excellent mother of two adorable daughters, a wonderful wife, a very active woman in her daily life. But very soon there will be another wonderful event in Yana's family - the third child is expected!

While waiting for this baby, check out the PREGNANCY DIARY, where you can find out everything about pregnancy, from the possibilities of diagnosing pregnancy to the birth of a baby over 7 episodes!

Episode 1

Let's get acquainted with Yana and her gynecologist - Dr. Agruma. The doctor will tell you everything about the beginning of pregnancy and diagnostic possibilities.

Episode 2

You will learn how a pregnant woman feels while expecting a baby, and how you can improve your well-being. Learn more about the need for massage and physical activity for pregnant women.

Episode 3

Let's talk about the side effects of pregnancy that can be prevented by consulting a specialist.

Episode 4

We are talking about the necessary research during all three trimesters of pregnancy. We will talk about how and when you can determine the sex of the baby in the belly.

Episode 5

We are talking about the Parent-to-be School and get information on how to emotionally and psychologically prepare for the birth of a child.

Episode 6

Dr. Agruma will tell you about the meaning and course of cardiotocorgography. Find out how the 3D / 4D ultrasonography examination is carried out and why it is special.

Episode 7

In this episode you will see a wonderful mother Yana and her newborn daughter Maya. And also Dr. Agruma will tell you about the need for a gynecologist's visit after childbirth and tell you about various innovative methods that can help a woman recover from childbirth.


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