Сare for pregnant women
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Сare for pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the important moments in a woman's life.


The waiting time for the baby is great! Are future parents thinking more and more about what the birth of a child will be?


MFD Vita Women's Health Centers offer professional pregnancy monitoring, which includes a wide range of services and research for pregnant women, as well as a high level of service in a pleasant atmosphere.


Any expectant mother will feel care and attention to herself, the problems of every woman will be heard, as in our centers you will be met by a professional team of gynecologists. Using modern methods of treatment and diagnostics, the necessary research can be carried out within the framework of one visit, since each MFD "Vita" women's health center is equipped with a new generation ultrasound scanner (ultrasound) with a Doppler, which makes it possible to conduct research immediately, and everything you need is offered so that the pregnancy of any expectant mother is successful.


To prepare for childbirth, it is advisable for pregnant women to attend gymnastics for pregnant women, which includes a set of relaxing and muscle-strengthening exercises.


Massage for pregnant women, which is especially popular among expectant mothers, can be no less pleasant and necessary for the expectant mother.


To get a complete picture of the course of pregnancy and the postpartum period, parents-to-be have the opportunity to attend a cycle of classes at the School of Future Parents under the guidance of a professional midwife, both in a group and individually.


Closer to childbirth, a pregnant woman may need cardiotocography (recording and assessment of the fetal heartbeat), which is one of the leading methods for assessing the condition of the fetus during pregnancy, which, if necessary, is prescribed by a gynecologist.


If the expectant mother has a desire to see her unborn child even before giving birth, then such an opportunity is provided by 3D / 4D ultrasonography, which allows future parents to see their expected child in 3D and in real time, and also makes it possible to make sure that the baby is developing fine.

MFD “Vita” Women's Health Centers continue to develop, since the most important thing is the health and expectations of a woman! Therefore, since 2012, we were one of the first in the MFD “Vita” Women's Health Centers to provide expectant mothers with the opportunity to choose state-funded pregnancy management in accordance with the “Program to Improve Maternal and Child Health for 2012-2014” approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. years ”. Within the framework of this program, visits to the gynecologist, ultrasonography and analyzes are paid for the pregnant woman in accordance with Appendix 1 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations Nr. 611 of 25.07.2006 on “Help for pregnant women before and after childbirth”.

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