New service! Low-Dose Chest CT (computer tomography)!

Date added: 31 03 2023

New service! Low-Dose Chest CT (computed tomography)!


Screening examination for people who smoke everyday!


Low Dose CT is a gentle computed tomography lung examination, because unlike a conventional computed tomography examination, in the case of a Low Dose CT examination, the patient receives 10 times less radiation compared to a conventional CT examination, while at the same time providing the doctor with an exhaustive picture of the state of the lungs.

All over the world, Low Dose CT examinations are gaining more and more popularity in both lung and heart examinations. Low Dose CT is most widely used in the early diagnosis of lung cancer and other lung diseases. This examination is especially recommended for people who smoke daily and want to have their lungs diagnosed, because as world practice proves, lung cancer diagnosed in stages I and II is treatable.


Comprehensive offer:

MFD Health Group has developed a special set of diagnostic and evaluation services for lung changes, which would be especially recommended for smokers to make early diagnosis and start treatment of diseases caused by smoking.


The set includes:

  • low X-ray burden lung examination with a computed tomography (CT) machine;
  • CAD (computer search system for malignant tumors);
  • the radiologist's diagnosis conclusion about the condition of the lungs;
  • examination of external respiratory functions;
  • a doctor's consultation with a pulmonologist after receiving the results of all tests.


The target audience of the examination is both men and women who smoke or have smoked for a long time and want to check the condition of the lungs or the doctor treating this patient recommends an examination.



Don't postpone your health for tomorrow, get checked today!


You will be able to carry out examinations at:

  • MFD Outpatient hospital "Pārdaugava", Vienības gatve 109, Riga. tel. 67131316  pardaugava AT mfd DOT lv 
  • MFD Outpatient hospital "Dziedniecība", Rušonu iela 15, Riga tel. 67131313  dziednieciba AT mfd DOT lv 
  • MFD Outpatient hospital "Iļguciems", Buļļu iela 9, Riga tel. 67131311  ilguciems AT mfd DOT lv 

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