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MFD Cardiocenter is unique and complete solution for highest level cardiology outpatient assistance in Latvia that provides all cardiac services in one place.


If a patient needs urgent hospitalization or surgery, the MFD cardiac center has close ties with hospitals and leading specialists in invasive cardiology in Latvia and abroad, which guarantees the provision of a full range of services to patients with high quality standards.


The spread of diseases of the cardiovascular system in Latvia and the horrific statistics of mortality from these diseases give the newly opened MFD Cardiocenter a particularly important socially significant function. Patients with pre-existing diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, angina pectoris, condition after a heart attack, etc.) will be able to receive a full range of necessary medical services.


The MFD Cardiocenter attaches particular importance to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, chest pain and palpitations are not a complete list of symptoms that may indicate cardiovascular problems. In such cases, the MFD Cardio Center recommends that you immediately contact a cardio specialist in order to carry out a complete diagnosis and prevent sad consequences in the future.


In a modern dynamic world full of employment and stress, the MFD Cardio Center also invites young energetic people who do not suffer from diseases to come to the cardio center and carry out a full diagnosis, since it is they and their cardiovascular system that are most susceptible to the negative effects of the environment, and the symptoms of the disease begin manifest itself when the time for the most effective treatment has already been missed. Diagnostics will allow you to be sure of your health, and if problems are identified, immediately start solving them.



MFD Cardiocenter has a flexible system of payment for services. Contracts have been concluded with insurance companies. For the convenience of clients, there is a package of services - at a favorable and fixed price, you can go through a full set of studies and get all the necessary consultations and treatment.


Heart problems and their prevention -

MFD CARDIOCENTER is the best solution!


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