MFD Healthcare group on 19 May will take part in the «Festival of Pardaugava»

Date added: 16 05 2018

On Saturday, 19 May, for the ninth year an annual event «Festival of Pardaugava» will be organized in the Arcadia Park, Riga, in which MFD Healthcare group invites both adults and children to participate in the healthcare activities.

«Festival of Pardaugava» is an event organized by the executive board of Pardaugava, in which the institutions of education, culture and healthcare, businesses, sportsmen, artists, musicians of Pardaugava take part. The aim of the event is to promote the mood and the diversity of this part of Riga among the residents and guests. This year's theme and at the same time, the slogan of the festival is «I am Pardaugava»!

At the event from 11.00 in the tents of MFD Healthcare group everyone can get acquainted with the services of MFD Outpatient hospitals «Pardaugava» and «Ilguciems», MFD Health point – Riga Plaza and MFD Doctors’ office «Ziepniekkalns».

At the event MFD Healthcare group will offer:

Check your health!

  • 11.00–15.00 – in MFD Mobile diagnostics everyone will have the opportunity to take breast automatic ultrasonography, mammography and x-ray examinations
  • 11.00–12.30 – determination of cholesterol levels in blood
  • 12.30–14.00 – determination of sugar levels in blood
  • 11.00–15.00 – blood pressure measurement
  • 11.00–15.00 – vision examination
  • 11.00–12.00 – infectologist consultations
  • 14.00–16.00 – pulmonologist examination
  • 12.00–16.00 – dermatologist consultation, mole examination
  • 11.00–16.00 – activities for children

It’s cool to exercise!

  • 11.00–12.00 – morning workout

Live healthy!

  • 13.00–13.30 – nutrition specialist’s consultation, healthy products tasting
  • 13.00–16.00 – body mass index determination

All activities are offered for free! 

We invite everyone to feel the diversity of Pardaugava together with the MFD Healthcare group! 


MFD Healthcare group began its history more than 50 years ago as an outpatient health care facility. At this moment the MFD is one of the largest multi-profile healthcare company that provides a wide range of health care services to more than 400 000 patients in different locations in Riga and Latvia. By using the latest technologies and excellent medical experience, MFD main objective is to take care of the health of the population by ensuring timely disease prevention, as well as providing effective diagnostic and treatment services.

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