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In the dental clinics of the MFD Heath group, you will be provided with any kind of high-quality dental care. Thanks to the many years of experience of our specialists, modern equipment and a pleasant atmosphere, your visit to a specialist will be as comfortable and efficient as possible.


In our clinics (“NovaDent”, Zolitūdes street 34, Stabu street 52, S. Eisenšteina street 23, Burtnieku street 33, Valdeķu street 65, Riga, in the dental office “Dziedniecība”, Rušonu street 15, Riga and in the dental office "Iļģuciems", Buļļu street 7, Riga), children under the age of 18 can receive quality dental care free of charge.


Our clinics are located in the city center and in residential districts - Purvciems, Mežciems, Ziepniekkalns, Ķengarags, Zolitūde and Iļģuciems.


We invite you to visit our clinics at a convenient time for you.


Aligners for teeth

Aligners for teeth A perfect smile sometimes seems like an unattainable goal - nature has not endowed everyone with even, beautiful teeth. The bite can be corrected with braces, but often adults hesitate to use this method, considering it long, unaesthetic and... Read more →

PRF method

PRF method MFD At MFD Dentistry we use the PRF method PRF is a cell-rich blood concentrate that is completely natural, derived from the patient's blood and does not cause any side effects. In dentistry, PRF treatment has been carried out since 2001,... Read more →

Saskaņā ar Ukrainas civiliedzīvotāju atbalsta likuma 16.panta otro daļu, SIA “Dziedniecība” nodarbinātām Ukrainas ārstniecības personām tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības personas profesionālās darbības veikšanai nepieciešamā saziņa, proti – pēc pacienta pieprasījuma, kā arī vienojoties ar pacientu, pakalpojuma saņemšanas laikā tiek nodrošināta ārstniecības persona, kura var nodrošināt saziņu valsts valodā.