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Information for patients

Cabinet Regulation No. 1046 of 19 December 2006 "Procedures for the Organization and Financing of Health Care" determines the amount of health care services that are paid from the state budget, as well as the procedures for the provision of health care services.


What do you need to know when transferring the material to the patient?

Laboratory services in Latvia are provided from State budget resources and patient co-payment.

Blood for analyzes, which are paid for from the state budget, the following categories of the population are exempted from the fee for collection of the analyzed sample for puncture of a vein: children under 18 years of age and pregnant women.


State-paid services:

  • A family doctor or a specialist may issue a referral for State-paid laboratory examinations. The main condition is that the doctor should be in a contractual relationship with the State (a contract with the Nacionālais vesleības dienests has been concluded).
  • Insured persons  (Balta AAS, Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams AAS, BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS, Compensa Life Vienna Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle, Seesam veselības apdrošināšana / Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvijas filiāle, ERGO Life Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle, Gjensidige Latvijas filiāle ADB, If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle) under insurance companies' health insurance programmes, doctor referrals and insurance policies.


For a fee:

  • For patients with a doctor's referral, examinations for a fee or examinations that are not paid from the state budget.
  • Patients without a doctor's referral.
  • Examinations not paid by insurance companies health insurance programmes for insured persons.


What should the patient know when handing over the material to be examined?

  • There must be a doctor's referral for laboratory tests.

  • Analyzes can be handed over at will (also anonymously), and then the sending of laboratory examinations are filled in by a procedure cabinet employee.

  • Blood for analysis is taken from a vein with disposable systems performed by trained and certified procedure personal.

  • The material (urine, faeces, sputum, etc.) must be delivered in clean containers, which can be purchased at the reception or pharmacy.

  • The report shows the reference values (norms) for each parameter according to age, gender, and week of pregnancy.

  • Before tests, for each specific examination, please consult the attending physician!

  • The results of laboratory tests should always be interpreted in conjunction with other patient test results performed by the treating physician.

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